Helping the Vulnerable!

A&A Workforce has provides basic need to low-income individuals since 2009 so they can work. In addition, we provide a myriad of employment services, including, but not limited to, immediate job placement. Our program services will transform the lives of Palm Beach County people by providing employment. Many of the individuals we service are from impoverished communities with limited education and resources. As a result, they often cannot afford to purchase the required clothing to begin working or pay for transportation. Through this grant, A&A Workforce is committed to providing basic needs.





We assist individuals and families with acquiring the skill set needed to obtain and retain a job.

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We assist with providing basic needs, such as, but not limited to: food, clothing, transportation, water, clothing and much more.

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We transform lives and promote self-sufficiency by providing individuals with immediate job opportunities to earn income and provide for their families.

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